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Widely used in: plastic factory, electronics factory, plastic container factory, lighting factory, shoe factory, electrical appliance factory, auto parts factory, luggage factory, granulation factory, waste recycling factory, plastic furniture factory, plastic toy factory, plastic kitchenware factory, Food or cosmetic and daily chemical plastic containers, home appliance lighting, electrical power supply and electronic products, medical and all rubber and plastic industry products enterprises, etc. It is suitable for the crushing and recycling of the nozzle material on the side of the machine. It is slow and silent, the particles are uniform, the dust is very small, the operation is convenient, the quality is excellent, the shape is beautiful, and the volume is small. It is suitable for crushing and recycling PC, nylon, ABC and other hard nozzle materials, chemical wax, Acrylic, straws, rubber, nylon fiber-reinforced PC material, PP material, PE material, PE material, ABS material, Chinese herbal medicine, Ganoderma lucidum, vegetables, corn (for example, the raw materials are as above, please consult customer service before purchasing).
•With recycling system, saving time: recycling immediately within 30 seconds, without waiting for centralized crushing, and ensuring clean and clean;
•Improve quality: After the nozzle material is taken out at high temperature, it will be oxidized and humidified (absorbing water) to destroy the physical properties. Immediate recovery within 30 seconds can reduce the physical strength and reduce the damage to the color and gloss;
•Saving money, recycling in a short time, avoiding pollution, and the defective rate caused by mixing materials, which can reduce the consumption and loss of materials, labor, management, combined storage, and purchasing funds;
•Durable: Adopt imported geared motor, imported SKD-11 high-quality precision tool, stainless steel material door, no screen design, uniform broken material and very little powder, durable;
•Wide range of uses: suitable for crushing and recycling PC, PB[ Jinlong, ABS China hard nozzle materials;
Simple: The steel plate combined structure of tplastic recycling grinder;
•Low-speed operation, specially designed for the crushing and recycling of various types of plastic heads, material heads, gates or defective products produced by the injection molding machine. Due to the slow rotation speed, the operation is also very stable, no noise, no dust pollution, and the product has uniform particles after pulverization, good pulverization effect, no overheating during equipment operation, and long service life.

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