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Main uses Powerful pulverizers are used in pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy, food, plastic, construction and other industries. It can process hard and difficult-to-pulverize materials, including pulverizing plastics, copper wires, etc., and can also be used as ancillary equipment for the pre-grinding process.
•The whole machine adopts steel integrated structure, which is sturdy and durable;
•The tool can be adjusted independently and can be used repeatedly after grindin;
•The feeding hopper, cutter and filter can be disassembled, disassembled, and easy to clean; the motor is equipped with overload protection and safety switch to ensure safety;
•The moving knife is a stepped scissor design, which saves power consumption and has a good crushing effect The base is equipped with a pulley, which is easy to move;
•The structure of the blade knife is between the claw knife and the flat knife, and it is suitable for crushing plastic products such as ordinary sheets, pipes, profiles, plates and packaging materials;
•General-purpose plastic grinder adopts sealed bearing to keep the bearing running well for a long time.

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