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It is used in the electro-adheive industry, food and fed industry, printing industry, medical industry, plastic pelet industry, automobile industry, etc. t can dry raw materials that are wet due to packaging and transportation, and can be used to remove surface moisture. Suitable for Pp PE,ABS ,PVC and other raw materals.
•The fuselage is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperature andevenly heated;

•Schneider electrical accessories, stable performance, durable;

•The machine is controlled by microcomputer intelligently, with double over-temperature power-off alarm function;

•Adopt brand pure copper wire fan, more stable and durable;

•Stainless steel conical screen, the bulk material is more uniform, avoidingagglomeration, burning and pollution caused by heat accumulation;

•With a metal thermometer, high sensitivity, more accurate numerical display, and the
temperature in the barrel can be grasped at any time;

•With a visual window, more user-friendly design can see the drying effect;

•The curved design of the hot air pipe can prevent dust from accumulating on thebottom of the electric heating pipe and cause combustion.

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