Dongguan Xinlingyi Machinery Co., Ltd

Publish Time: 2023-03-23
Xinlingyi, which was born in the mid 21st century in mainland China, is a manufacturer of industrial refrigeration equipment and plastic mechanical equipment. 
Since its establishment, it has always pursued the business philosophy of "common Xinling billion, common Jiangshan" among Xinling billion people who have established the dignity of "manufacturing" and pioneered and innovated. "Adhering to the path of excellence in quality", striving to implement the policy of "improving quality and the market", and writing exciting chapters in the development history of Xinlingyi with tenacious perseverance and hard work spirit. 
Xinlingyi is located in the Dalingshan Forest Farm Industrial Zone, Humen Town, Dongguan City, in the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong Province. Founded in 2002, Xinlingyi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has gone through 11 years of development, forming a manufacturing enterprise of industrial refrigeration equipment and plastic auxiliary equipment. In line with the quality policy of Xinlingyi Machinery Manufacturing: "Do not allow 1% of our negligence to cause 100% inconvenience to customers", and even more importantly, our commitment to customers is based on the principle of "R&D as the driving force, technology as the core, and quality as the foundation". At the same time, we adopt the sales philosophy of "customer first, quality first", and win the reputation of customers with high quality and high service, We sincerely hope to work with you to advance the corporate spirit.
Xinlingyi adheres to the people-oriented human resources policy, respects, cultivates, and treats people kindly, creating a fair, fair, and open work and development environment for employees. While continuing to develop, the company has always been committed to building a corporate culture and is committed to sharing the happiness brought by the company's growth with employees. 
Xinlingyi has persistently built its core values of "equality, pragmatism, passion, and innovation", and has always adhered to the development philosophy of "technology is the king, innovation is the foundation", striving to achieve "career retention, treatment retention, and emotional retention.". 
Xinlingyi is determined to become the world's leading manufacturer of plastic machinery and refrigeration machinery. Faced with the increasingly rapid development of the 21st century, Xinlingyi people will continue to forge ahead, continue to strive for innovation, continue to pursue excellence, and use unremitting efforts to open up and reach the future.

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